Here you can find the dates for the TestAS for refugees. For registration, please visit the test-taker portal for the TestAS for refugees: Registration TestAS for refugees


on 19 January 2019
Registration from 03 December until 01 January

on 28 Februar 2019
Registration from 03 Januar until 11 February

on 06 April 2019
Registration from 13 February until 20 March

on 16 May 2019
Registration from 22 March until 26 April

on 29 June 2019
Registration from 29 April until 07 June

on 03 August 2019
Registration from 12 June until 14 July

on 10 September 2019
Registration from 16 July until 20 August

on 12 October 2019
Registration from 21 August until 22 September

on 14 November 2019
Registration from 24 September until 24 October

on 14 December 2019
Registration from 25 October until 25 November

Please note that the participating centres can vary between the test dates.


Important notes:

– The TestAS for refugees is free of charge and each participant can take the test only once. You cannot pay to participate in the TestAS for refugees. If you wish to repeat the exam you may register for the regular TestAS (test languages German or English): Test dates regular TestAS

– If you have registered for the test but do not show up your participation still counts. That is because a large part of the costs have already incurred.

– You can cancel your registration for the TestAS until the end of the registration period (send an email with your participant number to After that period we cannot guarantee your cancellation.

– The login data that you choose during registration only work for the test-taker portal for the TestAS for refugees (Test-taker portal TestAS for refugees). They cannot be used to log into the regular TestAS portal.


The following exceptions regarding the participation are valid

– In case you have taken the TestAS for refugees on May 19 2016, you are permitted to take the test a second (but no further) time in the test language Arabic (but not in German or English).

– In case you were registered for the TestAS for refugees on May 19 2016, June 25 2016 or July 28 2016 but you did not show up, you are permitted to register a second (but no further) time.

– In case you have taken the TestAS for refugees once already but you would like to take the test a second time with another subject-specific module, you are temporarily permitted to do so in the following case: In the first TestAS for refugees, you have reached a standard value of at least 100 (100 or higher) in the core test and a standard value of under 90 (89 or lower) in the subject-specific module.