You can increase your eligibility for the subject, demonstrate your academic interests to universities and increase your chances of being admitted to university. If documentation regarding the courses attended at university or school certificates are missing (i.e. lost while fleeing), then the test may be used as a plausibility check. The test is also used for admission to preparatory programmes. The TestAS for refugees can be taken once only and is free of charge for the test takers (for details please see “Test dates”).
Universities use TestAS individually for the admission to their preparatory programmes and for admission to academic studies. Upon request, g.a.s.t. will advise universities on how TestAS results can be used for admission. g.a.s.t. has been testing refugees with TestAS since September 2015.

For universities using uni-assist’s documentation examination service for refugees, TestAS for refugees is the prerequisite to manifest the genuine desire to study as well as the suitability for the course (alternatively, universities may issue a so-called “counseling certificate”).