Your TestAS certificate will be available for download from your candidate portal approx. 2-4 weeks after the test.
The certificate presents the results in two scales:

– the percentile rank
– and the default value

The Standard Score is a transformation of the test score to a value between 70 and 130. The mean (average) is 100. The area between 90 and 110 describes the average performance. The standard score allows a direct comparison between all test modules and subtests.

The Percentile Rank describes the percentage of other test takers who have a test score that is lower or as good as a candidate’s score. A percentile rank of 60 means for instance: 60% of all test takers have a lower score or a score that is as good as the candidate. That means that 40% have reached a higher score. Universities can create a rank order with the percentile ranks of the current applications (to, for example, select the applicants with the 10 best percentile ranks).

Both scores always refer to the entire test-taker group (in all test centers and from all test dates).

Standard scores and percentile ranks are calculated for both the modules (e.g., the Core Test) and for the subtests. The standard score/percentile rank of a module does not always correspond to the average of the standard scores/percentile ranks of the single subtests.

Universities decide individually how they use the TestAS results. They can, for instance, define a minimum for the required standard score (e.g., 100) or give applicants with high scores a bonus. Please visit the universities’ webpages for further information.